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Just a Bit of Fun

We know you are all proud of your Parish Council so we're giving you the opportunity to show it off to the rest of the Parish Online Community, over 600 Parishes!

Send us a picture of your Town, Parish or Community and we'll queue it up to be the next background image for this site.

The Criteria

1. We're looking for pictures that are either seasonal, show an event, or are just plain stunning.

2. The photo must be free from copyright.

3. You must be a Parish Online customer.

4. The photo you submit must be of high quality and at least 1280x1024 pixels in resolution.

5. We'd like a title and a short description for the image your submit.

6. The photo must not contain any overt advertising, shameless plugs or rudeness.

The Caveat

This may turn out to be really popular, or nobody contacts us at all! For this reason we cannot guarantee your photo will make it online.


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